Fishing really is a global pastime and finScribe is a resource for all anglers, worldwide.

From its origins as a method of hunting that almost certainly pre-dates Homo sapiens, fishing has become one of the most popular recreational activities in the world.

Angling culture does, naturally, vary from country to country. For example, in some parts of the world fishing is still regarded as a means by which to secure food for the table; in others, it’s more about the battle of wits between angler and fish, a battle that ends with a hook-up.

But what unites us is a fascination with the water and what lies beneath. It’s one of the few obsessions that affects young and adult alike.

A cast of millions

Fishing is also a recreational activity that has hooked a remarkable number of us globally.

There are more than fifty million anglers in the US alone; five million in the UK spend time with a rod in their hands. There’s hardly a corner of the world where humans don’t venture forth in search of a scaly prize.

Could we do better?

At finScribe, we cannot imagine there are many anglers who wouldn’t like to have more success at their sport, to bank more fish. And most will realise that a better understanding of fish and their habits and activities would certainly play a part in improving one’s chances.

When do fish feed? And how does the weather – perhaps especially barometric pressure – affect a fish’s feeding? What will it eat? And at what depth? 

Knowing such things would give us a distinct advantage.

Can tech play a part?

Hooking a fish means an angler has got everything right. By chance or design, the right bait, lure, or fly has been selected and then offered in the right way: at the required depth, with appropriate speed/action etc.

But just as our human diet changes for any one of a number of reasons (seasonal availability; temperature; who we’re with), so do the eating habits of fish. By recording in detail the moments of our success, we come to better understand why, when and how those changes in habit take place.

Sounds like a chore? Not with finScribe. We created our fishing logbook app to simplify the record keeping process. Either at the time of a catch or sometime later you can log every detail, dropping a pin on a map for the precise location, uploading a photo from your ‘phone, recording species, size, length, sex of the fish and any other details.

And if you have upgraded to either Premium or Premium+, all the weather conditions at the time of your catch – including barometric pressure – will be recorded with your log, even if you are adding the catch retrospectively.

Tech supports all anglers

finScribe was built to service all anglers, whether Sea, Carp (originally a European, but now rapidly expanding, obsession), Other Freshwater, or Trout and Salmon. Once an angler has selected their preference at registration, they are only shown data relevant to that discipline. (That’s not to say anglers cannot switch between disciplines, something easily done at any time on the Settings page of the app.)

We aim to be a resource for all anglers, worldwide. Let us know how we’re doing!

The free, Premium and Premium Plus versions of the finScribe app can be downloaded on Android and iOS.