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finScribe is the inspiration and creation of passionate game fisherman and wine merchant, Caspar Bowes.

When Caspar arrived on the River Thurso in June 2021, he knew he'd caught three fish there during his week in 2020, but not exactly where, nor or on what fly. He had a lightbulb moment: wouldn't it be great to have this information to hand on your mobile phone? Since then, Caspar and Victoria Bowes have worked with one of the UK's best developers, CGI, to create a slick mobile application which was launched cross-platform (iOS and Android) in July 2022.

The free-to-download-and-use version is growing steadily in popularity amongst UK and overseas anglers, whether Game, Carp, Coarse or Sea and our new premium version of the app with enhanced functionality and additional features is now available for both Apple and Android phones.

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