Why the weather data feature in finScribe's new Premium offering makes perfect sense.

There was an interesting piece in Angling Times recently entitled What the weather means for your fishing where Steve Ringer revealed ‘the conditions to look out for and the times when it may be best to stay home’.

In the article, Steve looks at how important the weather is to catching well. He says: ‘many anglers who have just the one day a week to go fishing will turn out in all conditions and make the best of it. But if they took time out to study the forecast and adjust their tactics to suit, the end result would be a whole lot better’.

Autumn brings new weather conditions to consider

As we move into the autumn season here in the UK, we experience changing weather conditions, all of which can have a real impact on the experience of the year-round angler.  

Can you imagine how much better your fishing experience would be if you could plan your fishing trip based on key meteorological forecasting as well as data logged from previous catches in similar conditions?

Well, that is now possible on your smartphone. By downloading the new finScribe Premium app, you’ll see that one of the new key features is the weather data.

Looking backwards and forwards

You can use the app to record the weather at the time of the catch plus view a five-hour and five-day forecast when planning your fishing trip. You can also look back at historical weather data on older logs.

Meteorological data at the time is stored within the log of a catch (even when adding a catch retrospectively) so that users can build up an understanding of what methods work on specific waters in particular conditions.

Waterway screens on the app now come with meteorological data including overhead conditions, temperature, wind speed and direction, plus barometric pressure.

Understanding changes in barometric pressure can be extremely helpful when planning your fishing trip, as pressure changes can trigger changes in fish activity.

Maximise the opportunity

As fishermen, we all want to find ourselves presented with the best conditions available to maximise our chances of catching. The new meteorological data functions in the finScribe  app will give you all of the information that you need to make the best decisions when planning your trip.


The free, Premium and Premium Plus versions of the finScribe app can be downloaded on Android and iOS.